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We’re going to need this list of things for our projects:

  • Raspberry Pi. A credit-card-sized computer. I bought it from here for 42€, box included (Raspberry Pi 1 Model B).
  • MicroUSB charger. You can use your smartphone charger (usually 1A), you can also use this ones, but you’ll also need the microUSB->USB cable. I use the Asus charger of my tablet, 2A, though Raspberry Pi consumes less than 1A. You can also connect it to a monitor with USB port.
  • SD card. Or microSD with adapter. I’ve used a low capacity SD to put the Raspbian boot (only 40MB), the operating system is in the pendrive. You can get the 2GB SD card for 2€. SD compatibility list.
  • Flash drive. Here we will install the distribution, 8GB is enough. I’ve chosen flash drive because it’s faster than a class 10 SD and won’t be corrupted. Nowadays (2013) it’s 6-7€.
  • Audio/video cables. Raspberry Pi has two outputs: analog (RCA composite video) with audio jack, and digital HDMI (video+audio). Maybe you will need HDMI to VGA or DVI converters. For this adapters you may need powered usb hubs since there’s a signal processing in there.
  • USB hub. Raspberry Pi has only two USB ports, so you will need a usb hub in order to connect more devices. There are powered usb hubs that complement the power received by the microUSB charger.
  • WiFi adapter. To get access to internet or local network. I use this one.
  • BlueTooth adapter. For wireless devices such as mouses, keyboards or gamepads.

Compatible devices list with Raspberry Pi ->

Unboxing Raspberry Pi and showing all devices I’ll use in this project.

Next step: Ultimate Raspbian presentation

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