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Now we’ll install KODI in our Raspbian distribution, i’ve based myself on the official documentation: Since KODI is already included in the Raspbian official repositories, we’ll just update the repositories and install the package with the following commands: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install kodi If you have installed the full version of Raspbian […]

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RetroPie is a script to install emulators. This tutorial will show how to install RetroPie under Raspbian, it’s based on We’ll need a SSH connection to the Raspberry Pi (or doing it locally). I show you how to achieve it here. We’ll also need internet in the Raspberry Pi. Install packages in order to […]

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I’ve faced some problems when running Raspbian Jessie for the first time from the USB flash drive in my new Raspberry Pi 3. The message was “Root account is locked” and there were problems when mounting the root partition. We’ll edit /etc/fstab with the new addresses for the boot and OS partitions. Listing the exact […]

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After the first boot, we need to connect our Raspberry Pi to the Internet, and enable a SSH client in our pc to control it remotely. You can access the router configuration page (usually to check out all devices connected to the network and get the Raspberry Pi IP. In my case i’ve got […]

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After a few seconds of checkings, the configuration tool raspi-config will appear. In order to select the options we’ll use the keyboard arrows, and the tabulator key to access the options at the bottom, such as Select or Finish. Then will appear the following options: Expand Filesystem. Expand the SD in order to fill the […]

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We are going to install the stock Raspbian distribution in the flash drive and SD. Download the latest version of Raspbian wheezy from here. Unzip the .zip file and dump it to the flash drive. Windows: Use Win32 diskimager Linux: Dump with dd command to SD card. Complete instruction: sudo dd if=image.img of=/dev/sdX where sdX […]

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Ultimate Raspbian presentation, 21 March 2013. I’ve used: – Raspberry Pi Model B 512MB RAM – 2GB Classless MicroSD Kingston – 8GB Cruzer Blade SanDisk Flash drive – MicroUSB-USB cable connected to monitor LG M2394D (gives more than 800mA, probably 1A). – HUB 4 ports USB 2.0 EMTEC – Keyboard and mouse USB – Wireless […]

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We’re going to need this list of things for our projects: Raspberry Pi. A credit-card-sized computer. I bought it from here for 42€, box included (Raspberry Pi 1 Model B). MicroUSB charger. You can use your smartphone charger (usually 1A), you can also use this ones, but you’ll also need the microUSB->USB cable. I use […]

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Welcome to Here I’ll upload videos and tutorials explaining how I’ve builded this distribution. For those who don’t know, Ultimate Raspbian is a Raspbian distribution for Raspberry Pi with retropie (script to install an arcade system with many emulators) and XBMC KODI (mediacenter). I’ll also try to do much more: such as sending data […]

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