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I’m going to pair my bluetooth keyboard+touchpad (Bluetooth iPazzPort), i’ll use the bluetoothctl tool. First we’ll install the required packages with the folllowing command: sudo apt-get install pi-bluetooth bluez bluez-tools We’ll start bluetoothctl -a in order to enter the program. Here i had a problem with the bluetooth daemon (the systemctl status bluetooth command returned […]

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After the first boot, we need to connect our Raspberry Pi to the Internet, and enable a SSH client in our pc to control it remotely. You can access the router configuration page (usually to check out all devices connected to the network and get the Raspberry Pi IP. In my case i’ve got […]

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In linux, when a new device is inserted, a new file will be created at /dev to handle it. When a storage device is inserted, It’ll be created /dev/sdX, where X is a letter between a and z that will increase as we insert more devices. If we only have one, we’ll have /dev/sda. If […]

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